A Complete Guide to Competitive Exams Preparation – Tips & Trick for Every Job

By | August 23, 2017

A Complete Guide to Competitive Exams Preparation: Competitive Exams, a way towards a bright future, which goes through sleepless nights and massive pressure. A great part of student community is preparing for competitive exams, which results in having a tough competition for the offered post. With the reference of time and increasing unemployment the competition has also enhanced and has reached to an advanced level, for which student needs to know exactly how to prepare for a competitive exam. To make the pressure of exam a bit lighter, we have prepared a complete guide, which elaborates the ways of preparing for a competitive exam in short duration and might help you in making a plan that can make you qualify the exam you’re fighting for.

Competitive Exams Preparation

Before getting started, we must tell you that to start preparing for any competitive exam, you must make a plan first, in which you have to specify each and every thing from your daily schedule to the situation after exam. In simple words we can say that, before getting success, you must be completely ready to face a failure too. Many students take failure as a last chance, but you have to think once that may be it is just to change you completely for a better starting, which is also one of the best tips to crack any competitive exam. The second thing you should consider is setting your goal, be specific about your field of career, don’t run for every option available. Choose a single one and make worth of it. Let us get some organised details about a competitive exam.

What is a Competitive Exam?

Competitive Exams are basically clearance tests organized by different public and private sector organizations for the recruitment of human resources. It is the first step, which a student has to clear out for the next step of recruitment or admission. In simple words we can also say that a competition exam is basically a way to filter out the most eligible aspirants for any job by checking out their all round mental level. Today, every big organisation in both Govt. and Private sector holds their separate competitive exam to find a deserving candidate for that particular offered post. Apart from this, many Govt. educational bodies such as IITs and many more also host their own competitive exam to find brilliant students. So, Competition Exam can be considered as a lock on the door of success, which you have to open by preparing a key for it.

Eligibility Criteria of Competitive Exams

Each and every competitive exam has its own eligibility criteria, which needs to be satisfied to appear in that examination. For example, if you are applying to appear for a competitive exam of entering any university, you must have the required marks in your previous section. Moreover, if you are applying to appear for a competitive exam of any Job opportunity, you will have to satisfy the required marks in your graduation. Generally, most of the job oriented competitive exams asks for a graduation degree and have age limitation as their eligibility criteria. So, you must check out the eligibility criteria carefully, before applying for any competitive exam.

How to Apply for Competitive Exams

The application process of competitive exam can either be done via offline process or via online process as per the given guidelines by its organizing committee. All the details regarding the application process will be given in the official notification. Mostly, the application process of any exam gets fixed in a very easy and approachable way for a candidate by the committee.

Guide to Prepare for Competition Exams

How to prepare for competitive exam? This might be the first question that came into a student’s mind before starting the preparation. Every year thousands of vacancies offered for millions of unemployed candidates, because of which it becomes a very difficult task to crack an examination. However, nothing is tough if you have a strong will power and we will help you out and will tell you how to crack a govt. competitive exam. We are showcasing you an ultimate guide to crack competitive exam, which includes all the tips and tricks to crack any competitive exam. You must read out all the points given below carefully, to find the best way of cracking a competitive exam:


  • Prepare yourself and know the things: There are things, which you should be aware of before starting the preparation of any competitive exam. You will find great number competitors and criticisers, who will try to make your morale down while preparing for any exam. So, you’ll need to prepare yourself with a never ending hope and confidence, which will help you in standing toughly after starting the preparation. If one door closes, another opens, so, you should never stop trying to achieve your goal.
  • Do some research on your exam: Before getting started, you should also do some research on the exam you’re applying for. Every exam has its own different pattern of question paper, so you should first fix your exam then collect all the important details of that particular exam and concerned organisation. It is even more necessary if you are planning to give your first shot. You should know all the details of that post and exam, moreover, you can also check out previous year question papers, syllabus and other details. You should read and understand the syllabus carefully to understand each and every thing you must know.
  • Analyze Yourself: After doing complete research over the exam, you should now analyze yourself that where do you stand right now according to the level of that particular exam. This is a very important point, as it will decide from where you will have to make a starting. You can also take help from the sample papers, previous year question papers, and mock tests for this analization. This will detect your weak and strong subjects, make a subject list accordingly to start preparation.
  • Make a Plan: This is one of the most important part of your journey “Planning”. Make a study plan as per your analysis, and work for it accordingly. You can also make a daily routine time table for your study, in which you can assign time for each subject separately, and can also manage to make some time for revision. Planning is the most important part to start any campaign, without it, you can not go much longer.
  • Collect Study Material: Now, it’s time to choose your weapons for the war. Choose the best study material available in the market, make a market research, ask professionals and your senior competitors about it and purchase the best one available. You can purchase some books from the market and you also have an option to go with the online study material available as per your convenience.


  • Start with the basics: If you’re starting early, and have enough days to prepare for your exam, you are strictly advised to start from the basic concepts. Most of the exams include basic concept questions in their question papers, and if your basic concepts are weak, you will not be able to solve such type of questions. So it will be wise to go through the basics before starting with advanced theories.
  • Quantitative Aptitude: Aptitude is a common for all subject, which has been used in almost every type of competitive exam, so you are advised to work a bit harder for this subject. There are many books for general quantitative aptitude available in the market, from which you can choose any one. Aptitude is basically a subject of reasoning to enhance the mental level of any person. You can select any book from the market, and after understanding the concept and formulas from it, you can start practicing on previous year papers or online tests.
  • English: Just like aptitude, english has also been used in most type of the competitive exams. English may be a piece of cake for english medium students, but for hindi medium students, it gets a bit hard to solve this segment of paper. Reading the theoretical part will take a lot of time and might take you nowhere, so we suggest you to focus on your vocabulary and word power, which can make you proficient after reading them several times.


  • General Knowledge: General Knowledge is the common subject, which is essential for every competitive exam. So, how to prepare GK for competitive exams? For this segment you can opt as many books as you can, as we know that this is a never lasting subject. So, apart from reading books for it, we also recommend you to read news papers for daily updates, reading newspapers from a past few years will also help you a lot in clearing this segment of exam. Important topics of GK includes politics, finance, economy, business, education and history.


  • Time Management: It is the most essential part during the complete time of preparation, as it is very important to manage your time very carefully in both situations while getting prepared and while giving the exam. It doesn’t matter how much you know during the exam time, if you don’t manage your time you might face a failure. So, practice more and more to prepare yourself for attempting more questions in less time.
  • Be Positive: Always be positive and don’t let your hopes down, as we all know very well that Good Things Take Time to Happen. Being positive is the key to success while preparing for a competitive exam, it is a panacea to get a great job opportunity. No matter how many difficulties you are facing, you should always be positive and focused on your goal.

You can find a lot of people giving you ideas to crack a government exam, or some website or application to show to quick and short tricks to crack a competitive exam, but you should always keep this thing in mind that you have to make it done by your own. Your hard work and determination will be the only things to achieve your goal. But, yeah you can follow these tips and tricks to get prepared for your exam. You can ask your queries in the comment section below.

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