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By | February 23, 2017

Goa Elections Results 2017: Since the announcement of GOA Elections 2017, making bustling among the Political Parties in our country. The Goa state elections held Single Phase and polling held on 4th Feb 2017 from early in the morning. Goa Election votes counting will complete on 11th March 2017, and the results will release on 15th of March 2017, so the date of completion of GOA Elections 2017 Result is 15th March 2017.

The elections held in Goa peacefully with proper arrangements by the election commission. There were hardly any complications occurred in the voting. The population of voter’s turnout was unexpected, and storming polling reported from early in the morning. The voting ended in an evening at 5 PM and at that time 84 percent votes accounted. Due to some procedure malfunctions, polling will again conduct by the election commission for one polling booth. Remarkably, Election Commission has made women friendly polling booths which decorated with pink balloons. The Women voters very much liked it.

Goa election results 2017

Goa Elections Result 2017, Assembly Election Goa Results 2017, Opinion Poll, Exit Poll

Usually, Congress plays solely, but this time Congress combined with the other small political parties and formed an Alliance. Congress played tricky strategy to overcome the loss occurred in the past few years. To bring back all the voters, Goa unit chief Luizinho Faleiro and AIC Committee secretary Girish Chodankar have worked hard for the party. According to the sources, Congress often paralleled with corruption and by this BJP got most credit in the polling as now BJP considered as decision taking the party. Even though many times BJP shows ungratefulness. The AAP which is just emerged and considered as a force within the few months gradually gained the reputation, especially among Christians in the coastal areas, though it is a lot criticized in Delhi in the last two years.

According to the AAP party’s CM candidate, Elvis Gomes has said that they went for the door to door campaign and got in touch with 95 percent of the voters in Goa. The APP does not have roots unlike BJP and the Congress in the state. The controversial statement said by Amit Shah in which he mentioned that “the Goa government would be working on instructions from Manohar Parrikar in Delhi has also not gone down well with the Goans.”  Fascinatingly, AAP support is coming from the weaker castes and groups both from the Hindus and Christians who feel that they have ignored by the Congress and after that by the BJP.

GOA Election Opinion Poll results

Scheduled Assembly elections held in Goa in single phase on February 4, 2017. The Political parties participated was BJP, Congress and Aam Aadmi Party.

Bellow, we mentioned detailed assumptions of the results from different opinion polls which conducted by independent media organizations:

Latest HuffPost-CVoter Pre-Poll Survey on Goa Assembly Election 2017

The poll conducted by C-Voter using Computer Assisted Telephone i.e. interviewing method in the fourth week of January, so 1,069 respondents appeared covering all 40 seats. According to this opinion poll, BJP and Congress is the biggest competitors in GOA Elections 2017 while AAP is still in the race.

Party Name Projected Seat Share (40) Vote Share %
BJP+ 15 31
INC+ 14 26
AAP 2 13.2
Others 9 29.8

Latest India Today-Axis Opinion Poll on Goa Assembly Election 2017

Party Name Projected Seat Share (40)
BJP 22-25
Congress 12 – 14
AAP 1-2
Others 0-2

THE WEEK Hansa Opinion Poll on Goa

THE WEEK-Hansa Research has predicted a hung house Opinion poll in Goa. The poll predicted a hung house in Goa with the BJP probably to secure 17 to 19 seats. The congress would secure 11 to 13 seats as per the predictions of the poll conducted a week ago. The new entry AAP would merely 2 to 4 seats while a Maharashtra Gomantak Party Alliance is likely to get 3 to 5 seats. The poll gives 2 seats to independents candidate and1-3 to others.

India Today-Axis Opinion Poll on Goa

The Opinion poll conducted by the India today axis in which they predicted that BJP will get more seats then the Congress. As BJP secured 20 – 24 seats and congress secured 13-15 seats while new entity party AAP got only 2-4 seats. So it concluded by the India today Opinion poll that BJP won the race of politics But let us see what actual results make a twist.

Party Seat Share
BJP 20-24
Congress 13-15
AAP 2-4
Others 1-4

India Today-Axis Opinion Poll on Goa Assembly Election 2017

Results of the India Today-Axis Opinion Poll, published on 13 October 2016.

Party Seat Share Vote Share %
BJP+ 17 – 21 38
Congress 13 – 16 34
AAP 1 – 3 16
Others 3 – 5 12

GOA elections dates: Below we mentioned GOA Elections 2017 dates.

Poll Event Dates
Date of Notification 11.01.2017 (WED)
last Date of Making Nomination 18.01.2017 (WED)
Scrutiny of Nominations 19.01.2017 (THU)
Withdrawal of Candidature 21.01.2017 (SAT)
Date of Poll 04.02.2017 (SAT)
Date of Counting 11.03.2017 (SAT)
Date of Completion 15.03.2017 (WED)

Every year Goa celebrates it’s ‘Legislator’s Day’ on 9th January. In 1987, Goa declared a state of India. The Assembly setup at the Goa State Legislative Complex, which is in Porvorim, Bardez. The construction of the building initialized from January 22, 1994. It was inaugurated by Atal Bihari Vajpayee after its completion on 5 March 2000.Issues of State

Issues of State: One of the current issue facing in the recent years is the cultural and traditional identity of Goa. Now the population rate of the state is increasing as many people from other states such as Maharashtra and Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are coming to reside in the state. Another major issue of in the GOA state is “DRUGS TRADE.” IN Goa there is a significant number of casinos, which attracts lots of illegal drugs suppliers. There is another problem reported by the Goan people that some people are dual face nationals. These are some of the significant challenges that will have to face by the party who will win in Goa Election 2017.

Goa Election Exit Poll results

As we know, the Goa Election 2017 conducts in Single Phases on 4th Feb 2017, and the Goa Election 2017 results will declare on 15th March 2017. The Goa Election Exit Poll Results will release before the releasing the actual results. We will update the Goa Elections Exit poll results in 2017 as it releases.

Goa Election 2017 results

The Goa Election results 2017 will declare on 15th March 2017 after the counting of the votes. The date decided is Saturday, 11th March 2017. After the counting of votes, The Goa Election Completion is Wednesday, 15th March 2017. It means the Goa State Election results will out on 15th March. Let’s see which party will win the Goa Elections 2017 and come in power in the state of Goa.

For more information of Goa Elections 2017, stay tuned with us. Thank you!

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