How to Crack CAT Exam

By | September 22, 2017

How to Crack CAT Exam: The Common Admission Test is the entrance test for IIM and other business schools in India. To score well in CAT, students need to start preparing early. Cracking CAT is not an easy task and the aspirants need to work smart and focus on their studies if they want to ace the exam. We are providing you with some useful pointers so that you can get an idea of how to prepare for CAT.

Tips to Crack CAT

Preparation Tips for CAT Exam

Coaching For CAT

Students who wish to appear for the CAT can join coaching institutes to prepare themselves for the exam. There are many business coaching institutes who provide appropriate training and study material to the student. They also provide adequate information for you to ace the Written Ability Test and the Personal Interviews. If you’re willing to join any of the coaching institutes for your CAT preparation, then first research about the reputation of the institute and then take admission. A well-reputed institute knows how to prepare the students effectively and also develop their personality and etiquette.

Self-Study For CAT

There is a certain mindset of some students that only those students score well in CAT who take coaching from top institutes. But this is not certainly true. Students who are dependent only on self-study can also score well in CAT. In fact, many self-studying students even top the exams. If you are not willing to join coaching institute due to lack of time or work or any other reason, then we have covered some tips for self-study. If implemented, these pointers can prove to be the saviours for your preparation.

Clear the basics: When studying for CAT, first of all, you need to focus and clear the basics. You cannot directly start from the advanced topics if your basics are not clear. Directly starting with the advanced topics will take a greater time as you will not be able to understand the things properly. A topper named Sanuj Mittal (CAT 100 percentile), building the basics should be the first step.

Solve mock tests and practice questions: After clearing your basics, you should start solving mock tests and practice papers. You can also solve the previous year’s exam papers to get an idea about the exam pattern and questionnaire criteria. It will give you an idea of the weightage criteria of the questions. Who knows if any questions appear in the actual exam from the mock tests or previous papers. CAT exam is conducted online so instead of going for written mock tests, go for online mock tests and papers.

CAT Preparation

Read English books and newspapers: If you’re not good in English, then first you need to improve it. In sections like verbal ability, English grammar is an important factor. Start reading English newspapers and magazines and mark out uncommon vocabulary. Search for the word’s meaning, synonyms and antonyms. Buy English grammar books to improve your grammatical skills.

Group study: You should plan a group study with your colleagues and friends if any of them are appearing for the CAT like you. This will promote a flow of ideas between you people. If anyone is good in a certain subject or topic, he can teach it to others so that all of you score well in the exam. You can also start a competition with each other about who solves the mock test or practice paper first. This will improve your writing speed and time management skills.

Regular revision: Keep at least two hours at the end of the day to revise what you have studied the whole day. This will save your time and you don’t have to read any topic or subject again and again if you revise it regularly. Make short notes while reading books and use them while revising the important points.

Stay stress-free and fit: While preparing for exams like CAT or any other which requires constant long hours of studying and practising, you should be physically fit and stress-free. Stress is the enemy of students, they get tired and lose their focus and concentration in studies. To stay free of any stress, exercise daily, eat a balanced diet and don’t keep yourself off from frequent relaxations while studying. This will keep you physically and mentally fit and you will be able to concentrate better.

Stay motivated and focused: While studying for tough competitions like the CAT, students often get disheartened looking at the lengthy syllabus and hard work required. Instead, you should imagine the outcome if you are able to score well in the exam. Imagine how happy your relatives and friends and even you yourself will be if you score well. Keep in mind how successful you will be in the future after getting your dream job if you pass out from a well-reputed organisation. So, stay motivated and focus on your preparation.

The tips may help you to ace the CAT exam if you implement them effectively in your schedule. If you liked our article, then please share with your friends and subscribe to our notifications and newsletter. All the best!

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