How To Crack SSC Without Coaching in Two Weeks

By | October 19, 2017

How To Crack SSC Without Coaching In two Months: The Staff Selection Commission exams are held every year to recruit talented candidates in the government sector. They are targeted towards enrollment of personnel in the Group B and Group C posts of the government department and various other sovereign organisations. Lakhs of candidates attempt the SSC exams in various categories each year. The positive factor is that an aspirant from any academic stream can prepare and attempt this exam. That’s why the competition is very high. If you’re also planning to work in the government sector and thinking about attempting SSC exams without coaching, then here we are to help you. Today we are going to share some useful and interesting tips so that you can crack SSC exams without coaching in 2 months and without any difficulty. Check it out.

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SSC Exams: A Deluge Of Possibilities

There are various categories of SSC exams conducted each year for different sectors and job profiles. To appear for the exams you need to have a sound knowledge about these categories. Here we are sharing a list of some of the most common exams conducted by the Staff Selection Commission in India.

  • SSC CGL: The Combined Graduate Level is one of the most acknowledged examinations conducted by SSC each year. It is conducted for the recruitment of graduated personnel in various Group B and Group C posts in central government. Assistant Grade, Auditors/ Inspectors of Income Tax/Central Excise, Sub-Inspectors in Central Police Organisations (Assam rifles, BSF, CRPF, CISF, ITBP and SSB) and CBI, /Upper Division Clerks, Divisional Accountants are some of the vacancies which are included in the CGL.
  • SSC CHSL: This exam is organised to recruit workforce in categories like Lower Division Clerks(LDC) Data Entry Operators(DEO) and various other lower department jobs. The basic eligibility requirement for Combined Higher Secondary Level exam is 10+2 passed education.
  • SSC Junior Engineer Examination: This exam is held to recruit junior engineers in technical sectors of the government sector like Central Water Commission, Department of Posts, Central Public Works Department, Military Engineering Services and more.
  • SSC Stenographer(Grade C & D): Carried out for enlistment of stenographers in government departments and subordinate sectors. This exam requires stenography skills and 10+2 clearance.
  • SSC Constable GD: Workforce for the post of constables in sectors like  BSF, ITBP, Assam Rifles, CRPF, SSB, NIA is recruited by means of this examination. Candidates have to clear the physical eligibility test to get entrance in the written exam for this sector. Matriculation is the minimum academic eligibility to appear for this exam.
  • SSC MTS: Junior staff is recruited by means of this examination. Matriculation pass or equivalent qualification is required to appear for this exam.

SSC exams are not limited to only these sectors. These are only some of the most popular and common examinations held by the commission. Every year the Staff Selection Commission comes up with notifications for recruitment in different sectors. You can see that the commission provides equal opportunities for all types of aspirants be it matric pass or graduate level. Now let’s check out some preparation tips to crack SSC with good marks.

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SSC Exams Preparation General Tips

It is a certain mindset of aspirants who wish to prepare for SSC that you need to join expensive coaching or personal tuitions to score well in the exam. But definitely it is not like that. In the modern busy life schedule, it is not easy to spare time for coaching or tuitions. Gone are those days when one needed a person to guide him towards their goals. Our generation is much more talented and knowledgeable. We know how to utilise our resources well to reach our goals. If you’re also one of them who is confident and wants to prepare for the exams by own, then here we are to boost you up. You can indeed score pretty well in your SSC exam with self preparation strategy which we are going to share with you right away.

Time management: Time management is an important factor to be considered while preparing for your exams. You should analyse how much time each section or topic requires based on its requirement. Create a study schedule and stick to it. It will take 2-3 days to adjust but will be beneficial as it will keep you away from any last moment hassles.

Read Appropriate Books:For a high competition exam like SSC, you need to use reliable books for your preparation. The content should be in sync with the latest syllabus and should be relevant. The subject matter should be understood easily without any hassles. Use refreshers to revise what you have studied and you may also find some shorter ways to solve certain questions.

Clear the Basics: Before going for advanced studies, you need to clear your basic concepts first. If your basics are not clear you will have a tough time with advanced studies and will get confused.

Shortcut Tricks: Try to find some shortcut ways to learn the content. Use summarisation to learn a content in an effective way. This will save you a lot of time and you will be able to complete the whole syllabus in time. While attempting exam, if you apply the shortcut method then you are probably going to solve a question much faster and have enough time to attempt the remaining questions too.

Solve Mock Tests: Mock tests and previous year question papers are important for preparation of any exam. These help you to get an idea about the exam pattern and marking scheme. Solving mock tests will improve your speed and accuracy while attempting the exam. You can also analyse your strong and weak points by solving these papers.

Revise Properly: Revision of all the topics that you have studied is necessary. If you don’t revise what you have studied so far, then you will start forgetting the older topics as you go on with the newer ones. Spare some time for revision to increase your chances of remembering the old topics.

Confidence: While preparing for your exam, keep confidence in yourself. Don’t get depressed if you find any topic tough or if you’re unable to answer any question. Use your resources well to solve out the problem and stay confident. Getting panicked and depressed will only degrade your learning capability and performance in the exam. So stay focused. These were some general tips for preparation of your exams.

Preparation Tips as Per Subjects

We are also providing subject wise preparation tips for SSC. Let’s take a look.

English: Some students think that english is a subject which can’t be prepared easily. They have a phobia for the subject. But, english is one of the most scoring subject of the SSC exam which can improve your overall score. With the right strategy and focus you can score pretty well in the subject.

English is distributed mainly into three parts: Vocabulary, Grammar and Reading ability.

Vocabulary: This might seem the toughest part of English to some students. You have to learn new words and their meanings to get your vocabulary right. It can take time and one should not force too much into it as they may get confused. You can check the daily new words on the internet or make use of the dictionary and try to learn 4-5 new words every day. Revise them at the end of the day and revise them again the next day for sometime before proceeding to new words.

Grammar: Grammatical errors are most common from a non-native. To improve your grammatical skills you can read children’s books which portray grammar in an easy manner and then proceed to higher level books like novels or magazines. Buy grammar practice books which will help you to correct your grammar on a step by step basis.

Reading ability: To improve your reading ability, read story books and novels and say out loud the words you are reading. Read in a interruption-free environment and away from frequent disturbances. Try to concentrate and keep check of your reading speed. Practice every day for at least 15 minutes. Keep a dictionary handy for tough vocabulary.

General awareness: General awareness is an important subject in SSC. It is also a scoring subject like English and can be finished within a very short period of time as compared to other subjects like QA and Reasoning. For general science, you can prepare from higher secondary class science books to prepare for biology, chemistry, and physics. This will help you clear the basics which are generally asked in the SSC exam. History, Geography, Polity, and economics should be studied thoroughly. You can make short notes from various relevant books. This will save your time and will provide the effective study.

Quantitative Aptitude: Quantitative aptitude is included in both tier 1 and tier 2 of the SSC exams. To score well in QA, the students need to clear their basics first in various sections like number system, probability, time and distance, pipe and cistern and others. Read chapter wise and go for the trickier questions. Stay away from anything new while preparing for the exam. Just revise what you have already studied and practice mental calculations. Practice more and more as speed and accuracy are necessary for the quantitative aptitude exam.

Reasoning: Reasoning section doesn’t require any special skills. It is also a scoring subject and you just have to think smart while attempting reasoning questions. If a candidate is able to apply his thinking ability well then he will surely score well. Reasoning exam is intended to test your mental ability and presence of mind while solving a problem. There are many books which have challenging questions that you can use to practice. Remember that the reasoning problems have to be solved only by the data provided in the question so you should try to solve the question in a smarter and effective way.  

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What Not To Do While Preparing For SSC Exams?

There are some negative aspects that you should stay away while preparing for exams.

  • Anxiety. Some aspirants tend to get nervous by the amount of syllabus that they have to cover. Nervousness is a great enemy of your mind. When nervous, your brain’s functional capability degrades and you’re unable to concentrate on the studies. Stay confident, worry less and say no to anxiety.
  • Overconfidence. We know that to ace your exams you need to stay confident and positive throughout your preparation. But, overconfidence, it is too a negative situation. Overconfidence will lead to lack of understanding. If you think that clearing an exam is that easy, then you definitely need to change your mindset. We are not downgrading your morale here, but there is a little difference between confidence and overconfidence. Overconfidence can worsen your performance. So stay away from it.
  • Stress. Excessive stress and burden will only lead to downfall of your overall performance. When you are in stress you tend to get nervous. As said earlier, nervousness is your enemy. So avoid stress by taking frequent breaks between study schedule and freshen your mind up. Avoid long hour studies. Study short but effectively.
  • Thinking about the result. Don’t try to predict your marks. You don’t know what will be the intensity of the question paper. It may be easy, it may be difficult. So, don’t start thinking about the result even before attempting the exam. It will only lead to stress and you will get disheartened by negative thoughts of your result. All you can do is stay confident, hope for the best and intensify your preparation.

These were some of the tips that you should consider while preparing for SSC exams. If you implement these tips correctly then you will crack SSC exams without coaching in 2 months without any difficulties. Hope you liked this article. We would like to hear from you if you have any suggestions for us or any queries related to this article. Reach us through the comments section below. Good luck for your exams!

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