How to Get Good Rank in Gate Exam

By | September 5, 2017

How to Score High in Gate Exam?: GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is one of the most reputed and popular entrance exams in India. GATE is a competitive exam, which is organized for entrance in various engineering institutes and colleges for master programs. Also, many government organizations recruit their professionals through GATE exam. GATE exam is organized every year in the month of February. Candidates, who are going to appear in GATE 2014 exam, must have started preparing for the exam. We are going to share some tips here for better GATE exam preparation.

Preparation Tips for GATE 2017

Before you start with your GATE exam preparation, you must be well-aware of the exam pattern and scoring technique. Since different candidates may have different purpose of appearing in the exam, the GATE score may differ accordingly. In both cases, it is very important to score high because only high GATE score can make it possible for you to join a reputed institution or organization. GATE exam is usually based on the engineering syllabus and for students it is not very hard to study that syllabus again. It is kind of revision of the subjects. By a bit analysis, we have managed 10 basic points, which can help you throughout your GATE Journey:

Set Your Goal

This is the initial and very important part of your journey, in which you have to set your Goal. People usually start Gate preparation with a mentality that, “I’ll give each and every attempt with lot of hard work and dedication”. Well, according to us, that’s not a correct way, Hard Work and Dedication are important, but without a fixed goal you’ll always have this thing in mind that “I have another chance”. So, we suggest you to fix your Goal and just think as it will be your final attempt, by which your 100% efforts will easily transform into your 110% efforts and that might be a life changing part for you.

Assemble Standard Study Material

Selecting your study material is undoubtedly the second important part in this journey, and if you are preparing for an exam like GATE, you can not consider local author books as your life saver. GATE is clearly one of the toughest competitive exams in India, which simply means that the level of questions are very high in it. So, we suggest you to consider standard authors as your guide in this journey. Moreover, you can also take advices and suggestions of your teachers and fellow students to choose the perfect study material.

Make a Plan For Study

While preparing for GATE, you will have to be very much concerned about your studies. You have to make plans about every little thing in your daily routine from sleeping to eating. Remove all the unnecessary timings from your routine and make plannings for your study. Planning your studies is the third important part, because without a plan, you are not going to reach anywhere.

Manage Syllabus and Topics with Time

Managing your subjects and syllabus is also as important as managing your time. There must be some subjects, which you’re good into, and there are also some subjects, which annoy you. Manage your time in such a way that you can practice the things you’re good in, meanwhile, you can also pay attention to the subjects that require a lot of efforts. Spend more time with tough subjects, but practice your favourite subjects regularly too.

Make concise notes and ready to revise material

You will have to manage all of your subjects in a way, which will help you in revising the course in a very less time. After the completion of every chapter of any subject, you will have to make short notes of it, which will help you in the last 30 days before exam, when revising directly from the book will be difficult. You can do this in the way you want such as underlining the important details, highlighting the key points, having a separate notebook for key information and formulae, or in any other way you like. This will help you in revising the course in a very less time.

Test yourself frequently

After completing any of your subjects, go through the GATE previous year papers and test yourself. This will tell you exactly where are you standing in the journey, and how much knowledge you’ve gained. Frequent tests are the best thing, as these tests clearly show mirror to the aspirant. While attempting the previous year papers, don’t just refer the solution after a single failed attempt. Giver 2-3 attempts for a single question before going through the solution. If you feel weakness in any chapter or subject, go through it once again. Always remember that you have to give your best shot during those 3 hours in exam hall, which either can change your life completely or can leave you one more year for getting prepared.

Be continuous with Mock Tests

The best way of checking out your preparation is enrolling for any test series, which will provide you the regular check mechanism of your practice. Going through regular Mock Tests will make you capable of doing self analysis, by which you can simply get to know your weak points and areas that need more efforts. If you haven’t enrolled yourself for any test series with an institute, you can also apply for the same online or by purchasing a book/CD/DVD for self practice. Ask your parents to manage a silent environment during your test, so that you can take your test more seriously and can have complete concentration on it.

Complete the preparation on time

As we can see that each and every point is important, still, completing your entire syllabus on time is also a very important task in your journey. You have to cover each and every chapter and portion in the syllabus and manage it in a way, that can be completed in the estimated time. This will give you enough time to revise your entire syllabus. Make sure that you complete your syllabus at least 45 days before the exam date. Revise your entire syllabus in the first 30 days, then start going through regular Mock Tests and previous year question papers in the last 15 days.

Time Management

Time management seems to be an easy task, but actually it is a very complex thing. All of us had made time tables previously, and very less of us can claim of their success. If you have joined any coaching institute, they will give you a schedule and will help you in making plans. If you haven’t joined any institute, don’t be panic and be your own mentor. Start preparing plans and schedules and compare it with your fellow students preparing for the same. Make a daily routine time table and paste it on the wall in front of your study table, and the most important thing ‘Follow it Strictly’.

Cutoff less required activities from your life

There are a lot of useless but entertaining things in our daily routine, which should be reaped out from our schedule. GATE is not a joke, but you can crack it with a pinch of dedication along with a pinch of sacrifice. You have to turn your back at things like video games, useless chatting, internet surfing, TV programs and a lot of other useless activities. You can make yourself out if you’re feeling stressed, that will give you some refreshment. But these filthy tasks will only pull you backwards.

GATE Exam Preparation Tips:-

An average candidate can expect to score high in GATE exam with 3-4 months of preparation. But, in this duration, you must be completely dedicated for the exam and nothing else should matter as much. You must have a proper study plan for the GATE exam. There is not any shortcut for scoring high in the exam, and it all takes your dedication and efforts. If you study well in these 3 to 4 months, you can definitely score high in GATE exam. Planning is the very first and the most important step. Make a plan so that you can cover each and every topic of the syllabus. Assign each subject a specific time, and give hard subject extra time. Also, assign time for revision and practice.

Read two or three subjects simultaneously to avoid boringness. Take a five minute break after each hour of study. You also need to have study material for GATE exam. GATE exam syllabus covers engineering subjects, Quantitative aptitude, and Reasoning and English subjects. You cannot study all of your engineering books again in such short time. You should instead purchase a GATE exam preparation book that covers all the subjects for the exam. It is easy to complete the book in 3 to 4 months. Also, you can read certain topics from reference books for better understanding.

In GATE exam, practice is also very important. You can easily find previous year GATE exam papers. Solve sample exam papers, and go for GATE mock test and online test series for better practice. Revise the hard topics as much as you can. Focus more on the important topics and avoid less important subjects.

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