How To Prepare For an Exam While Doing a Job

By | July 25, 2016

How to prepare for an Exam while doing a Job :-

An exam is a very important and essential part of our life. You must have seen many people who prepare for various exams while doing a job. For these people, a job is not the final milestone, but they want to achieve more in their life. Many candidates prepare for a government job while working in private sector.

Many others work along with the study. A candidate, who is working along with the study, may find it hard to prepare for exams. In this article, we will discuss some easy tips to study while maintaining a job.

Tips to crack an exam with Job:-

preparation tips for an exam with job

  • You may not find many hours for study if you are working full time. A full time job may consume 8-10 hours of your schedule. In such case, you will have to manage your study time accordingly.
  • Prepare a study plan according to your time. Calculate the number of hours you get after work and other daily activities. Suppose, you can get five hours daily for your study, make a plan according to the same.
  • Since you do not have many hours, try to collect some good notes for your exam preparation. You may not be able to cover a complete book properly in the time given. But, if you got the time, you must go with a good book or study material.
  • Make a separate list of the topics at which you are strong and topics at which you are weak. Now, you need to give less time to strong topics and more time to weak topics.
  • Go through last year question papers and sample papers to get an idea of the exam and paper pattern. It will ease the process of learning so that you can read only topics important from exam perspective.
  • Since you have not got much time, you must also work on time management. Do not waste your time in unimportant activities at least in the exam time.
  • If you are unable to study by yourself, you can consider joining a distance learning institute or a part time coaching institute for exam preparation. A coaching institute is always the best way to prepare for an exam.
  • For students, who are preparing for their academic exams or term papers, I would suggest that they should leave their job temporarily for exam preparation. They can join again once they are done with the exams.
  • Study regularly and strictly according to the plan. Avoid unnecessary wastage of the time.
  • Stay updated with the latest exam notification and news. Also, join some online forums and blogs for support and guidance.

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