How to Prepare for An Interview

By | September 18, 2017

How to prepare for an interview: The invitation for an interview is itself an achievement for a job seeker. You know that you have the right set of skills if the company you have applied in has invited you for an interview. But, sometimes even the best candidates don’t get to prepare for interviews, and when the interview date arrives, they panic. A good performance in the interview gives you an edge over other candidates who are having a good profile than you but lack interview skills. Here we are sharing some pointers and tips for you so that you can crack an interview.

Preparation for Interview


  • Research about the company- First of all you need to know in detail about the company you are going in for an interview. You should analyse about the industry, organisation and the profile you are applying for. Analyse about the company’s goals and vision and why you are suitable to work on the applied profile. Good knowledge about these facts will leave an impression on the interviewer and will also increase your confidence.
  • Analyse the job and match your profileYou don’t want to appear for a job interview if you are not suitable for the required profile by the company. You should research about the job requirements of the company and match your profile accordingly. If you appear for a job interview which is not even close to your resume or profile, then you might get rejected. This will lead you to lose your confidence.
  • If possible, research about the interviewerIf you are provided with the name of the interviewer, then you should check out for his social media profiles. This will help you to analyse his personality and mindset. If you know any other employee in the organisation, then you can also talk to them about the behaviour and the mindset of your interviewer. This will develop your confidence and you will be comfortable facing your interviewer face to face.
  • Analyse the questionsAfter you have researched about the company and the interviewer’s mindset, you should analyse and research what questions might be asked to you. You should prepare for the basic interview questions like “Tell me something about yourself?”, “Why do you want this job?”, “What are your strengths and weaknesses” and more. You should also be prepared about technical questions that might be asked according to the job profile. This will help you get confident for the interview.
  • Decide what to wearA conservative business attire and formal suit are best for an interview. Don’t go for suggestive or casual party wear dresses. Wear formal shoes because a man’s footwear reflects their personality(saying). Your clothes should be neat and tidy and properly ironed. Dress to impress.
  • Interview etiquettesInterview etiquettes are important. Greet the receptionist, your interviewer or everyone you come in contact with nicely and enthusiastically. You should look like a confident candidate and not like anyone who is just there because they are in need of a job.
  • Body languageDuring an interview, your body language speaks it all about your personality, more than any verbal communication. Try to stay calm and sit up straight during the interview. Shake hands firmly and actively. Maintain eye contact while communicating with the interviewer. Pay attention to the conversation and don’t look like a lazy or unenthusiastic person. Stay active.
  • ReciprocateInterviews commonly end with a question from the interviewer like “Do you have any questions” or “Would you like to ask something about the company” or more. You should not look dumb and should clear your doubts if any about the company or the job profile with the interviewer. Thank the interviewer for their time and if you are connected in any way like social media or any other medium, just try to leave a ‘thank you’ note for the interviewer. This is a good etiquette.

These useful interview tips might help you to ace an interview. You will be in the best position for the job profile if you perform well in the interview. Implement these tips in your interview skills and you might get your dream job by acing your interview.

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