How To Prepare For IAS Exam

By | September 18, 2017

Preparation tips for IAS Exams: It is beneficial to start preparing for IAS exams as early as possible. The average age of IAS aspirants in India is 28 years. However, the minimum age required to appear for IAS exam is 21 years in India. This shows that people start preparing for IAS exams generally late. If you’re one of the individuals who are planning to appear for Indian civil services IAS exam, then we have some of these awesome tips for you. It doesn’t matter if you have passed your 12th class or working somewhere. We have you covered.

IAS Prepartion Tips

IAS Exam Preparation

IAS is one of the renowned and classy careers in India. You have to put all your energy and efforts in to clear the IAS exams. If you’re thinking IAS exams similar to any other competitive exam, then you are totally wrong. You can consider taking admission in some institute which is specialized in IAS coaching or appoints an experienced tutor to help prepare for your IAS exam. If you think you will be able to study yourself then it is a good option to self study too. There are some reasons for people to pursue IAS career. It gives an opportunity to aspirers in social welfare deeds and to serve the nation and its citizens at large.

Prepare For IAS After Class 12th

If you’re planning to start preparing for IAS just after completing your senior secondary schooling then, you are at an advantage above other people. You can excel in general studies as your mind is fresh in recent school studies or any basics that may be in the syllabus. You will have plenty of time to study and can concentrate on your studies well.

You should select your subject and stream for graduation wisely. The stream you select in higher studies should benefit you in preparation for your IAS exam. Before starting preparation for IAS, research all the details about the exam and what subjects will benefit you for your preparation.

IAS Exam Preparation Tips

Prepare For IAS While Working

Many people like to prepare for exams while working part time or even full time. In case of IAS exams, where you have to put all your energy and efforts in, time management is necessary. Set a study schedule as per your liking. If there are any other colleagues, friends or people you know who are preparing for IAS exams and are in the same situation as you, then spare sometime to discuss with them.

Analyse what needs to be studied in-depth and study the easy or unimportant topics in a short and effective way. Listen to news and lookout for any news which is related or important for any topic in the syllabus.

Prepare For IAS With Self Study, Without Coaching

Some students prefer to not to take any coaching for their competitive exams and still top the charts and score well. Coaching is also not the complete solution for all the problems and self study is indeed required. To prepare for competitive exams it requires dedication, hard work and focus from a student.

To start preparing for IAS with self study, first of all you need to manage your time. You should develop a routine. Select fewer but best and reliable books to study. Try to solve mock tests, model question papers or previous exam papers to understand the exam pattern. The most important factor is to keep confidence in yourself that you don’t need any sort of coaching and you can do it yourself.

General Tips To Prepare For IAS Exam

If you wish to appear for the IAS prelims than you should start preparing for it at least 10 months before. 10-11 months time for preparation is somewhat perfect for preparation. This will keep you from wasting time and will promote a sense of a little urgency for the exam’s preparation. Here are some general tips for you to prepare for IAS exams effectively.

  • Tip #1: Early advantage. The minimum age to appear for civil services exam is 21 years. You are also eligible for the exam if you are in the final year of college. Many students tend to miss this opportunity to start preparing early for the IAS exams. Early preparation and attempt of UPSC CSE exam will give you an advantage over other aspirants. If you even don’t clear in the first attempt, you have enough years to come in which you can prepare harder and clear the exam.
  • Tip #2: Work smart. Working smart is more important than working hard. This is important if you’re on some sort of a time constraint. You might be in college or working somewhere while side by side preparing for CSE, then surely you will have some sort of time restrictions. In that case you can’t go on for detailed studies. Try to read fewer but reliable and best books for your preparation. This will save your time and will keep you free from any confusion. Make short notes and study online so as to gain more advantage over students studying only from books.
  • Tip #3: Practice writing. If you are a college pass out or school pass out, then you will surely be used to writing. Students are generally in regular touch with pen and paper. But, if you are a working professional or someone in computer based job, then you surely have to consider this. In UPSC CSE mains, writing speed is very important. Practice writing articles or paragraphs from your textbooks which will help you to increase writing speed and also you will remember well what you have written.
  • Tip #4: Read newspapers and magazines. Don’t waste your precious time. If you want to change your mood or if you’re bored of reading course books, then read newspaper or any magazine related to current affairs or yearbooks. This will freshen up your mood and also keep you updated about current happenings in the world. Current affairs are very important in preparation for IAS exams and you should never miss them.
  • Tip #5: Read toppers’ interviews. IAS, CSE exam patterns keep in changing. Reading and analysing previous toppers’ interviews will inform you about the latest exam pattern and what might be the syllabus. It will help you to study accordingly and you can also get tips from the toppers.

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