JEE Main Exam Preparation Tips – Strategy to Crack JEE Main 2018

By | November 29, 2017

Tips to Prepare for JEE Main Exam: Hello folks! Many of you must be thinking of getting an admission in India’s top engineering colleges like the IITs. And you might be assessing that you have to deal with the strenuosity of the Joint Entrance Exam. No doubt, it is one of the most arduous entrance exams where lakhs of aspirants appear each year to open the doors of a successful career. But trust us! With a great preparation strategy and most importantly, confidence, you can definitely ace the IIT JEE. There is no need to take any extra stress to prepare for the Joint Entrance Exam and as always, we are here to guide you through the path of success. We are presenting some awesome Tips to Crack IIT JEE Main 2018 which will surely make you stand out of the crowd. So let’s get started.

Tips to Prepare JEE Main Exam Preparation

How To Prepare For JEE Mains 2018?

The IIT JEE is unquestionably a large-scale assessment in India. The competition is stiff and to clear it, the aspirants need to prepare well. Undermentioned are some preparation tips for JEE, which will help you to effectively Prepare For JEE Mains 2018 and relieve your stress.

Create A Study Plan

Firstly, you need to make a study plan. For that you have to first check out the latest syllabus for JEE and divide each topic and section into parts. Then make a study plan according to the intensity of each section. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on even the smallest topic and cover the whole syllabus effectively.

Prepare A Time Schedule

After creating a study plan, you need to devise a timetable. You should give equal time to all the subjects and topics and must not miss out on even the unimportant sections. Assign short breaks of 10-15 minutes between long hours of study.

  • Helps strategize the preparation: Creating a timetable will help you organize each subject and topic according to the time needs to be devoted towards them. One of the JEE main’s toppers, revealed that he studied for 11 hours daily. He devoted 4 hours daily for coaching classes and 7 hours on self study.
  • Time for revision: Experts suggest that the timetable should be created in such a manner that there is enough time left for revisions. Only going through the whole syllabus once will not work out for an exam like JEE. That’s why timely revision of all the topics is of much importance.
  • Effective time management: Another high scorer in the JEE says that he used to devote time equally to all the three subjects, Maths, Physics & Chemistry. He scored full in Maths and made just a single mistake in the other two subjects. He suggests that time should be devoted equally to all the subjects as all of them are of equal importance to score well.
  • Analysis of weak areas: When you start preparing timely for JEE mains, then you have the time to analyze your weaker areas and focus more on them. If the weightage for the topic which is your weaker side is more, than you should focus more on it and then proceed to the easier topics.

Effective Study Resources


To prepare well for the JEE mains, one needs to acquire the best study materials which are in the trend.

  • JEE exam preparation books: Get adequate and effective study materials for JEE exam preparation. NCERT books cover 60-70% of questions that are asked in the Joint Entrance Exam. But we advise you to get your hands on some external reference books written by experienced personalities. You can also research the internet what JEE exam preparation books are in trend.
  • The internet: You can use the resources like internet to go through JEE exam preparation online too. Nowadays, there are various academic websites that are providing courseware and mock tests for JEE exams. You can subscribe to them and prepare well for the exam.
  • Experienced people: A one to one communication with an experienced person can be of great use. They can guide you through your weaker areas and you can also request to get your doubts cleared by them. Even your cousins or friends who has attempted the JEE previously can be a useful resource.

Mock Tests & Previous Year Papers

Mock tests and previous exam papers will make your IIT JEE main exam preparation more effective. Practising mock tests will aid you to get knowledge about the exam pattern, marking scheme and time you should allot to each type of question.

  • Time management skills: Solving mock tests and sample papers definitely help you to improve your skills of time management while attempting the main exam. One candidate who scored 345 out of 360, says that he used to practice solving Physics numericals in the set deadline and it helped a lot in the main assessment.
  • Assessing preparation level: In mock tests, the questions asked are absolutely random from the syllabus. This helps you analyze your level of preparation and you get to know about any of the topics that you have missed or are weak in.
  • Improves accuracy & speed: To complete your exam on time, you need to improve on your speed and accuracy. Solving previous year papers and mock tests for same types of questions repeatedly will refine your accuracy. In the main exam you cannot stick to one question for a long time as you will miss out on other questions. So you should solve enough mock tests to get an idea of how much time you need to devote for each class of questions.
  • Refines problem solving skills: Including mock tests & previous papers in your study plan will strengthen your question solving skills to a great extent. You will be able to understand the questions better in the main assessment.

Group Study

If your friend or some other known person is also preparing for JEE, then you can plan a group study session. You can teach each other different topics that one of you have a problem in and this will help you to clear all of your doubts effectively. You can compete with each other in solving mock tests, from that you can analyse your potentials and efficacy. Group study also helps in keeping stress away as all of you can take relaxing breaks together. It aids to maintain interest in studies and keep you motivated.

Fitness During JEE Main Exam Preparation

To prepare well for a competitive assessment like the Joint Entrance Exam, you need to keep a check on you health. You don’t want to fall ill during your IIT JEE preparation as it will adversely affect the efficacy of your mind and body. Follow our guide to stay fit during your preparation for JEE and clear the exam like a boss.

Adequate Rest

What most of the aspirants do is they take extra stress and don’t take adequate rest while preparing for their exam. But, it is very important to take adequate sleep and rest as it will freshen up your mind and keep you away from harmful stress and frustration. You should take at least 7 hours of sleep in the night to get up fresh in the morning to commence your studies again.

Exercise & Meditation

Exercising relaxes your body and mind by pumping oxygen through your system. It also relieves stress and you will feel more relaxed after a light workout session. You can join yoga classes or gym to keep yourself physically and mentally fit during IIT JEE preparation. Meditation is also a

Healthy Diet

It is a certain fact that your diet affects the functionality of your body. Keep a check on your diet and avoid unhealthy food. Instead of 3 large meals a day, go for 5 small meals as it will keep you more energetic. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to nourish yourself with antioxidants and vitamins.

Drink Plenty of Liquids

Always stay hydrated. Drink lots of water, at least 5 litres a day to keep your immunity strong. You can also drink other healthy liquids like juices and soups. But water is a must. There is no match for an intoxicant like water for our body.

Stay Relaxed

Don’t overthink about the exam. Keep yourself away from unnecessary stress and tension. Stress is one of the worst enemies of your mind and body and you will not be able to prepare well for JEE mains exam. Don’t forget to entertain yourself during studies. For that you can take a walk in the park or play videogames or anything you like. Never leave your hobbies during exam preparation.

So these were some of the guidelines that you can implement if you’re looking out to clear the IIT Joint Entrance Exam with a good score. We hope that you liked these Tips for JEE Main Exam preparation, and you can also share your views and suggestions with us through the comments. We wish you good luck for your bright future and success. Thanks & keep visiting.

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