Manipur Elections Result 2017, Manipur Assembly Elections 2017 Result, Exit Poll Summary

By | February 24, 2017

Manipur Assembly Elections Results 2017: Manipur Assembly elections polling will be organized to select the representatives from 60 assembly constituencies of Mizoram state. The term of the latest Legislative Assembly ends on 15-03-2017. The Manipur elections result 2017 will be released on 15th March. The Congress party was won last elections, which was held in 2012. According to India Today opinion poll, the BJP may get larger vote share in the Manipur Assembly Elections 2017, In the Manipur in the northeast is starting of voting from March 4, 2017 to March 8, 2017. The term of the latest Legislative Assembly expires on the 18 March 2017.

Manipur Elections Result 2017

In Manipur Assembly Elections 2017 there is total 60 seats, many parties are represented there leader/ representative for the particular areas. In Manipur election 2012 Congress was won with 42 seats & Okram Ibobi Singh was selected as the chief minister after the Manipur Voting in 2012. In 2014, the Manipur State Congress Party & its 5 sitting MLAs was joined the ruling Congress, taking the Congress tally in Assembly to 47 seats.

Manipur Elections Result 2017, Manipur Assembly Election 2017 Result, Opinion Poll, Exit Poll, Election Results 2017

In this Manipur Assembly Elections, many biggest political parties are put their candidates on different seats. Bharatiya Janata Party, Indian National Congress, Communist Party of India, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Nationalist Congress Party these are those political parties which involved in the Manipur Votings. Now tough time for the Mizoram people for select the right leader.

In this Manipur Elections 2017, It is indeed a tough time for the state as the state is witnessing economic blockade by the United Naga Council. Recently a decision was taken to the create seven new districts in the state the UNC is against this decision & protesting with a blockade which has paralyzed the state for more than three months now.  The Congress and BJP  People Resurgence & Justice Alliance, the Left Democratic Front & the Naga People’s Front are the main political parties in the fray.

Recently in Manipur Election 2017, a new candidate which name is “Irom Sharmila” who was on indefinite fast unto death against the imposition of Army act last year broke fast & went on to launch her own political party called People Resurgence and Justice Alliance “PRJA” which is fighting on 10 seats. Sharmila often called Iron Lady went on hunger strike after Malom massacre. Irom Sharmila demand was to the repeal of the Armed Forces.

About Manipur Election: The state was a Union Territory. In 1963 Government of Union Territories Act developed a Legislative Assembly of 30 elected & 3 nominated candidates in the Union Territory. The political situation in the Manipur was unstable in the late sixties with secessionist & insurgent groups active in the state. The Legislative assembly was dissolved & President’s rule imposed in the Mizoram. The Union Territory now administered by the Lt Governor.

On 21 January 1972 Manipur became a full- fledged state of Indian Union. Since then, it has held elections for 10 state assemblies interspersed with the frequent imposition of President’s Rule. There is reservation for the scheduled tribes in state assembly as well as in Lok Sabha. According to 2011 census the, the population of Manipur State is 27,21,756. The number of Mizoram Voters is 17,41,581. Manipur is one of the few states with 97 percentage coverage of photo electoral rolls.

Manipur Election Opinion Poll Results 2017: According to the opinion poll of India-Today the, Congress party and NPF party is going to lose in the Manipur assembly election & the BJP is coming to power in the state next year, because of its poor performance during the UPA rule of 10 years & involvement in mass corruption. It did not lose because of a single person or the policies of the party. The leaders were busy in the scams & their allies were also on their footprints.

Party Name Seat Share’s Vote Share( %)
Bharatiya Janta Party 31 to 35 40
Congress 19 to 24 37
NPF 3 to 5 23
Others 2 to 4 10

Manipur elections date: Manipur Election 2017 is complete in the phase-I or Phase-II. Here is the date sheet of Mizoram Election 2017.

Poll Event Phase-1  Phase-2)
Date of Notification 07.02.2017 09.02.2017
Last Date for Making Nomination 14.02.2017 16.02.2017
Scrutiny of the Nominations 16.02.2017 17.02.2017
Withdrawal of the Candidature 18.02.2017 20.02.2017
Date of Polling 04.03.2017 08.03.2017
Date of the Counting 11.03.2017 11.03.2017
Date of the Completion 15.03.2017 15.03.2017

Issues of state:

Unemployment: Unemployment is a major problem in the Mizoram State. Although ranking first in literacy, many peoples are jobless in the Mizoram State. This is mainly because of lack of local organization. The development sector, especially if it is labor intensive, provides for a great deal of blue collar opportunity.

Development of the state: Development is one of the main poll issues as more than 70 percentage of the residents here are purely dependent on the agriculture. The main pattern of the agriculture followed in a state is Jhum or shifting cultivation. Paddy, mustard, sugarcane, sesame, maize, & potatoes are the prominent crops. About 30 percentage of the state is covered with wild bamboo chipping, bamboo forests, being used in the paper mills, bamboo charcoal for fuel, & a type of ‘bamboo vinegar’ or also used as fertilizer.

Implementation of strict law and order: Mizoram Home Minister R Lalzirliana refuted pointed criticism of the state’s new alcohol law saying the government is not interested in the liquor revenue & that if it was, it would not put in place a permit system for the consumers.

The R Lalzirliana, who also holds the Excise portfolio under which Mizoram new law to allow sale & consumption of liquor after 18 years of total prohibition, also warned department officials of potentially strict disciplinary actions in case of any lapses in enforcing the new law, expected to come into full force in a few months.

Protection of indigenous people’s rights: In the June 1986 an accord between the government of India & Mizo National Front ended the 20-year-old insurgency by Mizos, an indigenous minority group in northeast India that want to secede from India. In following weeks Mizo guerrillas trekked down the hills of neighboring Bangladesh and Burma & surrendered their weapons to the Indian authorities.

Manipur Election Exit Poll Results:

The Manipur Exit Polls 2017 are based on the various sources which include news, media & previous year statistics and the expectations. after some time later Manipur legislative assembly are going to face the next assembly election in all 60 assembly seats. every party is planning to win Manipur election. Now Election commission of India will count the votes after the Manipur Voting 2017.

Manipur Election 2017 Results: 

In Mizoram Elections Many Parties like Bharatiya Janata Party, Indian National Congress, Communist Party of India, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Nationalist Congress Party and some other parties are put their candidates on some various seats for the win in Mizoram Election. But according to the India-Today, NDTV polls the Bharatiya Janata Party makes the history in this election. Other parties also gets vote but BJP Party will make the government independently .

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