Punjab Elections Result 2017, Punjab Assembly Election 2017 Result, Opinion/Exit Poll Summary

By | February 23, 2017

Punjab Elections Results 2017: The Punjab Election date of Poll set for 4th February 2017. The date of votes counting set for 11th March and the Final Punjab assembly Elections result will out on 15th March 2017 (Date of Completion). It means pooling is completed and after the polling in 117 constituencies was operated on 4th Feb, for Punjab it is speculation time. Each and every the major competitors in the Punjab are keeping their fingers crossed. However, it was a triangular competition but because many of the opinion poll surveys suggested that it is a straight fight between the Aam Aadmi Party and Congress and the latest party fighting for the first time in Punjab state. The voting though was not very fast as well as it was tepid to start with however then slowly picked after 1 PM along with finally approx 74% people really voted in the Punjab.

Punjab Assembly Elections Result 2017

Women vote’s fascinatingly percentage as compared than their male counterparts. In addition to, election payment on its party also finished various particular arrangements for first-time voters. Therefore, giving them certificates for appreciation as well as welcoming them with a red carpet. The Punjab Election polling was completed with a peaceful environment.

Punjab Elections 2017 Result Date:

A Punjab Elections assembly date 2017 has been out which is given in table format below. As per the dates, Punjab Elections notification was released on 11th Jan and the last date of making nomination was 18th Jan. According to the Punjab Assembly Election 2017 Dates, the pooling was completed on 4th Feb and vote will count on 11th March, but the final Punjab Elections results completion date has been set for 15th March 2017.

Poll Event Dates
Date of Notification 11.01.2017 (WED)
last Date of Making Nomination 18.01.2017 (WED)
Scrutiny of Nominations 19.01.2017 (THU)
Withdrawal of Candidature 21.01.2017 (SAT)
Date of Poll 04.02.2017 (SAT)
Date of Counting 11.03.2017 (SAT)
Date of Completion 15.03.2017 (WED)

Punjab Assembly Election Results 2017, Punjab Elections Result 2017, Opinion Poll, Exit Poll, Summary

The Punjab state election is special because a new Aam Aadmi Party is also in the fight as well as it has collected significance cuff in a short while. Previous it used to be a straight fight between the Congress and the Akalis, However, the entry of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) has made the challenge interesting. Rahul Gandhi (vice president of Congress), Arvind Kejriwal (AAP supremo), and the Narendra Modi (Prime Minister) has held various rallies as well as road shows. Apart from this, the opposition is positive as almost opinion polls advice that the Akali Dal will be routed & secures only the 3rd position while either Congress or AAP will form the government.

Navjot Singh Siddhu (cricketer turned politician) has made headlines former because there were gossips that he will join Aam Aadmi Party but later join the Congress party, which declared that Captain Amarinder Singh will be the chief ministerial applicant of party. BJP and AAP have not exposed their CM applicant.

Punjab Election 2017 Opinion Poll Result

As we know, the Punjab elections 2017 held in single phase on 4th February 2017. The state has observer frantic campaigning through all the major political contenders including Congress, AAP, and SAD. Several media agencies have done opinion poll surveys to judge the voting mood. This time, the AAP is going to be a vital new competitor in the race. For the reason that, the SAD-BJP treaty won majority in the last Assembly elections held in 2012. In addition, the AAP and Congress are going to give a hard competition to the ruling alliance.

Media Agencies Months SAD-BJP INC AAP Others
HuffPost-CVoter Jan 2017 11 43 63
India Today-Axis Jan 2017 11–15 60-65 41-44 0–2
India Today-Axis Dec 2017 18-22 56-62 36-41 1-4
India Today-Axis Oct 2016 17-21 49-55 42-46 3-7
Lokniti-ABP-CSDS Jan 2017 50-58 41-49 12-18
VDP Associates Oct 2016 6 15 93 3
TV24 India August 2016 20-25 27-35 70-80
India Trending Now August 2016 9-14 16-20 85-89
HuffPost-C Voter March 2016 6-12 8-14 94-100 0-3

Punjab Election 2017 Opinion Poll Survey by HuffPost-CVoter

According to the survey of HuffPost-CVoter, the opinion poll predicts that Aam Aadmi Party is on the way to win Punjab elections 2017. The poll also predicts that AAP might be single biggest party in the Punjab with easy majority. The HuffPost-CVoter poll gives 63 seats in the 117 house for AAP as well as it is likely to clean the Malwa region. Usually, it is said, either party wins in Malwa wins the Punjab Election. As per the survey, AAP will get 40 seats in Malwa, almost far-reaching it. In addition to, the Opinion poll says – AAP will be eating into the Akalis’s vote bank as also of the congress. As per the poll, the congress will get 43 seats while Akalis are likely to settle for 11. Fascinatingly, the vote share of the Akalis will have while AAP will sweep with 36.8% votes.

Party Name Projected Seat Share (117) Vote Share %
SAD+ 11 20.7
INC 43 33.1
AAP 63 36.8

Latest India Today-Axis Opinion Poll Survey for Punjab Assembly Election 2017

As per the latest survey by the India Today-Axis, the Congress would appear as the Punjab elections winner and form the government. As per the opinion poll, The AAP that is a new competitor in Punjab elections is also setting up a good show and would win 41-44 seats in the 117 house.

The ruling Shiromani Akali Dal to BJP combine will relegate to the 3rd place as well as will secure with only 11-15 seats in the Punjab 2017 elections. The poll also predicted regarding the people’s choice for the CM (chief Minister). In Addition to, Captain Amarinder Singh appeared the most preferred contestant followed by Bhagwan Singh Mann of Aam Aadmi Party the 2nd choice and Prakash Singh Badal the 3rd choice of the people.

Party Name Projected Seat Share (117) Vote Share %
Congress 60-65 37
AAP 41-44 34
SAD+BJP 11-15 24
Others 0-2 5

THE WEEK Hansa Predicts Opinion Poll Survey on Punjab Elections 2017

The opinion poll survey which conducted through THE WEEK-Hansa predicts a dangle house in Punjab state. As much as Punjab is concerned the Congress party is likely to appear like a single biggest party which would win with 49-51 seats in the 117 house. AAP would be the 2nd biggest party, which would win with 33-35 seats while the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP treaty would get only 28-30 seats.

Punjab Election Opinion Poll Survey by Lokniti-ABP News

The opinion poll survey of the ABP News-Lokniti-CSDS has been projected that the Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP would win with 50-58 seats it means the SAD-BJP would appear as a single largest party. The congress party would get 41-49 seats and the AAP would only get 12-18 seats. So, the congress would be the second largest party.

Party Seat Share Votes Share %
SAD-BJP 50-58 34
Congress 41-49 31
AAP 12-18 21

Punjab Election Opinion Poll Survey by VDP Associates

As per the opinion poll survey of VDP Associates, the poll has predicted that the state is witnessing a triangular competition because the Aam Aadmi Party is fighting the 1st first time in Punjab. As per the survey will get 35% total votes which would translate into 62 seats, which is giving it a clear greater part in the 117 house. The congress would be the 2nd largest party which would get 44 seats which would translate into 33% votes.

The poll also predicts that a SAD- BJP treaty which would get only 26% votes and 7 seats. Therefore, it would get the 3rd position in the Punjab. Akali Dal would get 21% votes while the BJP would get only 5% votes in the state.

Party Seat Share Vote Share (%)
AAP 62 35
Congress 44 33
SAD+BJP 7 26
Others 3 6

Issues in the State

At present, there are a huge number of issues peddle in the Punjab, prime among which are unemployment, corruption, receding water tables, and drug addiction which may demeanor a critical threat to the Punjab’s agriculture. Apart from this, the Revival of agriculture is a main issue that no political party has sufficiently addressed till yet. While the Punjab state is known as the bread basket and the granary of India, its looming disaster in agriculture is not only just a concern for the Punjab, but also for the entire nation. As per the studies, water levels dropped via 10 meters since 1973 as well as the decline rate is increasing.

Making employment opening and tapping the human capital, are also two other challenges, which the Punjab have to deal with in order to check the increasing hazard of drug addiction among the youth.

Punjab Election Exit Poll Results 2017

The Punjab Election was conducted only in one phase on 4th February and the Punjab Elections Results 2017 will declare on 15th March (Date of Completion). Therefore, the Punjab Election Exit Poll Results would reveal after some time. When the All Punjab Elections Exit poll results 2017 release, we will update here.

Punjab Election 2017 Results

The Punjab Election 2017 results date of vote counting has been set for 11th March and Date of Completion set for 15th March 2017. It means the final Punjab Election results will declare on 15th March. Let’s see who will win the war of Punjab Election 2017 between AAP, Congress, and SDA-BJP.

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