UP Board Mass Cheating Disclosed, Students Bribe By Leaving Money and Letters for Evaluators

By | May 13, 2017

UP Board Result – Mass Cheating Disclosed, Students Caught in Bribe By Leaving Money and Letters for Evaluators: After completion of UP High School & Intermediate Exam, we are here to share some analysis point of examination. This year as per reports, 2,153 copycats were caught while 5,94,503 dropped out. On the last day of exam 7 students were caught across the state for cheating. In every exam, students work hard to get the valuable marks but there are some students who work hard for finding new ways they can bribe or even threaten the evaluators. Those who didn’t get the chance for cheating they were planned for the bribe.

UP Board deputy secretary said the evaluation process has been started from April 27. The answer sheets would be evaluated at 254 centers. This year, there were umpteens cases of Cheating & bribe to evaluators were find. Students have left money in answer sheet for the request to pass them, some have left the message or request note.

UP Board Girl Letter to Pass

Recently an image circulated in newspapers and social media that is a copy of 17 or 18 years old girls says “Don’t fail me, sir, my wedding in on 28 June. If you fail me my parents got angry ”. This image was posted by Hindustan Times newspaper and it raises the question of education in the state. This is not the first time such a strange request was made by a student. In fact, evaluators say they even receive “threats messages” in answer sheets.

UP Board Mass Cheating Disclosed, Students Caught in Bribe By Leaving Money and Letters for Evaluators

This girl would be hardly 17 or 18 years old. As such, imagining a young girl like her getting married just after completing her schooling is a point of concern. In order to bribe, during the answer sheet correction last year, an examiner saw a note at the end of the copy that read:

“I will make your life difficult if I get to know who has evaluated my answer sheet. I can find out as one of my family members is in the education department.”

Some brave ones also offer money, attaching currency notes of Rs 50-100 denominations. An evaluator at Rajkiya Inter College, Hussainabad claimed that he have come across a 100 rupee note attached with high school (Class 10) science paper.

UP Result Bribe

“A Rs 100 note was attached with an answer sheet. And there was a message that said it was for refreshments,” an examiner at a Government Inter College in the state capital said.

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UP Board Result 2017 – Students leave Money for Evaluators

Apart from studying properly and writing appropriate answers students are paying money for passing them. A number of reasons for study less have come in answer sheets by students. These tactics are no use and work on the examiner.  students should study properly and stop thinking about using such ways for a bribe that it would allure the evaluator.    

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