What is the Role of Online Exams in Education

By | July 1, 2017

What is the Role of Online Exams in Education?

Exams are very important in our life. They let us check our subject expertise and skills. If you are learning something, you can judge the result of your learning online through an exam. This is why exams are conducted. There are basically two methods of conducting an exam: offline and online. With the ease of the internet access, many exams these days are conducted online. Online exams are easy to conduct and maintain professionalism in the process. Below are discussed some benefits of online examination system.

Easy Process: Online examination process is easy both for the host and the candidates. Online exam process can be arranged easily and quickly. All you need is a computer lab and a working internet connection. Even if an organization doesn’t have enough number of computers, the exam can be organized anywhere in any college as the process is completely online. It is also easy to manage the process of examination. We need not to assign many invigilators to keep an eye on the candidates. It is also easy for candidates to give an exam using a computer.

Importance Of Online Examination System:-

role of online exams in educatiion

Fast Process: Traditional exams are good, but it takes them many days or months to display the result of the examination as the copies are checked manually. While in online examination, checking and result process is completely online performed by a computer that makes it faster. Results of an online exam can be declared within a few days of the exam.

Remote Access: Another benefit of online examination is that it can be conducted from anywhere with easy access to any part of the world. Since the internet is in the reach of everyone, an online exam can be accessed easily anywhere.

High Accuracy: As the results of online exams are checked by a machine, the accuracy level is high. A man can easily make mistakes while checking exam copy, but with a computer, the probability is very low. In a traditional exam pattern, we may need to get our copies rechecked in the case of any dispute, but we will never need this with an online examination process as the probability of mistakes is very low.

Resources: Though an online exam needs more resources than a traditional exam, but these resources are reusable. In an online examination, you will need to use a computer and the internet, which you need not to purchase as you can always find one on rent. In traditional exams, we use papers and pen/pencils, which are wasted after the exam. You cannot use an exam paper again for another purpose. This way, we can make better use of the resources through online exams.

There are many other benefits of online examination, which you can find in throughout the process.

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